North Carolina Woman Suffocates Newborn Baby Citing its "Hooves," Screams "Like A Goat's"

By Jaime Estrella


April 30 - Elizabeth McGregor, 19, of East Bend, North Carolina, was taken into custody Tuesday morning after neighbors called police complaining about screams coming from the woman's trailer. Police arrived half-an-hour later to discover McGregor's three-day-old son dismembered and partially burned. Neighbors drawn by the noise claimed Ms. McGregor insisted the child was "not human" as police ushered her into the back of their vehicle. Sources close to McGregor claim she had no idea she was pregnant, adding that she was a frequent fixture in their Baptist church and was assumed by the community to have been a virgin. Local pastor Anthony Eakins, 50, suggested postpartum depression "may have played a key role" in the infant's death. Authorities were unavailable for further comment. 

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